New Form 4473

BATFE has announced the new Form 4473 that will become effective Jan 4, 2017. New look, same old questions, but a couple of sticky issues that will have to be resolved about medical marijuana, bearing in mind that Federal Law prohibits the use and sale of marijuana.

Read a list of the changes to the form here.

Read the full article at Guns America here.


In order to buy NFA items after July 14, we will have to submit a new form, photos and fingerprints. The new form (5320.23) will have to be completed and once approved, will be on file with BATFE for 2 years. Waymore Silencers is working diilgntly to assist our customers and make this a seamless process. Form 5320.23 has been released and it is not complicated to complete. Waymore Silencers will make the process as simple as possible to complete. Please call us so that we can help you navigate the system. Our new fingerprint technology will be operational in late July and we can complete all the paperwork on your behalf.


As Rule 41F becomes active on July 14 (only 1 week away), our inventory is almost depleted. We have outstanding orders with our suppliers and cans are slowly coming in. There is still hope to get them in the next 5 days. Keep watching our website.